Friendship is when people know all about you but still like you anyway….

Chapter 1

In an old shopping Arcade ,there lives , a family with an old carpenter father a king mother and an older brother . her name is Hikari and she is 15 years old .she has long black hair , light blue eyes and a competitive personality.

-Pops ! i`m going now !

-Yeah , go give`em hell!

-You bet ! After all I entered this school with a goal…Just wait until the finals !This time ill win!

This is a special place to me at least one of them

And now this is another one of my special places: the art academy

This is the school I go to….yeah…this is the school I entered to beat him .

This school is odd…..

-Good morning ma`am.

-…..You guys….I tell you every morning! Just greet me normally !

-Um…but everyone is just so humble by a great SA(special class A )

-That’s not the problem here

-See? Try walking normally?

-How about YOU try walking normally?

People amazed shout all over :

-Wow!!!Its the SA Takashima-san!!!

Just as I said I entered this school just to beat him , his name is Takashima Key and he`s my greatest rival

-That’s quite a face……miss rank two ! J

Yep he`s number one and I am number two

-don’t call me miss rank two ! >.<

This school is the best in prefecture. The class’s are divided into A-F based on grades. The A class is only open for the top  seven  students in the school and is highly regarded. The greatest within the a class ,from first year to third year known as ….’’special A’’ aka S.A. class.

The SA uniform is different from standard student uniform. It is composes from a white jacket, a gray shirt, a white tie and black skirt .

The building is also unique. Its known as “the schools paradise” and I am a member of the elite class .

-Key ,Hikari good morning !

-Hey good morning !

-How rare to see u two together!

This is Toudou Akira ranked 6. She`s the daughter of the president of an airlines company.

-Its just a coincidence

-Heh-heh. You`re so cute when you`re shy.

Here comes SA class Karino Tadashi ranked 5 , son of the schools headmaster (infected with a bit of wanderlust)

-Yo demon girl !Pour meah some tea!

-Shut uh you stupid idiot!!

=Be silent!!!=

This is SA`s class Yamamoto Megumi ranked 4 daughter of a music producer and a genius vocalist. she writes her words on a notepad. Why she does that it’s a big mystery….

=Jun is going to start playing the violin, everyone listen!=

I`ve got a really bad feeling about this….

-Um ….no….that`s ok… .Ryuu stop them!!!


This is SA class Tsuji Ryuu ranked 7. Son of the C.E.O of a sports car company


-Too much….Ryuu`s dogs….

-Their like that because they’ve been together since childhood.


-I`m going to the computer room for a bit.

SA class Takishima Key son of the C.E.O of the Takishima group ranked 1


-Good luck with you`re studies number two. J

-I`ll kill you !!!

I am Hanazono Hikari SA class and the daughter of a carpenter. Also I`m  ranked 2. Ever since elementary school the seven of us have been together.

-Geez you two should cut it out already!

A little time later :

-I`m the one who`s working hard here ! But no matter  what I cant bet him .(grumbling)

-Yes…you`re the only one who still comes to classes anymore ….said the teacher depressed.

-It`s because they just do whatever they want….and than Takishima said….

They both remember :

-I don’t need to go to classes. I only need to see something once to memorize it…..

Back to class now :

-It`s ok teacher ! I will definitely beat him !

-Hanazono !

-That’s why I`m here!!!!

Yes…I was six when I first met Takishima. Our fathers were both pro wrestling fans. Dad taught me the moves of pro wrestlers ,I became full of confidence because I have never lost a fight then one day….i was totally beaten.

That was my first defeat. My first….I was humiliated! No matter what I did. no matter how many times I tried .i could never beat him. I selfishly asked to be put in the same school as him.

Sports….Academics…..Everything he beat me in everything. I trained hard to be better than the rest and still nothing has changed.

-Huh ? Megumi you guys are doing a live ? ….Wow….when?

=Today here and now.=

-Today ?Why are you…?! Its ….almost time for the finals

=It’ll be like a festival ,I promise=

I loved festivals since I was a kid

-Ok lest get ready!!!

Later when they are preparing things:

-Excuse me we from B class have what …you asked ….for….

-Oh thanks a lot ….for all you`re work!


-Oh Megumi is going to do a live performance. Do you want to hear ?

-How nice it must be….before tests ….

He`s right….

-I suppose you`re making fun of us like this !

-Why do you think that ?

-Why ?Well you always play !Everyone’s trying to get into SA class .you worked hard yourself.


-If that’s the case ….than hurry up and get into SA class….than well just be the wining losers. Right? B classes Shibazaki Taheri rank 8 . Oogawara Ysuuji rank 13 and Takahashi Naoto rank 17 .

-Wait…… how do you know our names we`ve never spoken to each other before!

-Well….you see…..I can memorize anything I see once .Anyway shall I tell you your home phone numbers?

-Damn it !!!

Everyone is trying so hard to get into SA class….anyway I’m here because I want to beat him. I hate him!

The ability to memorize anything he’s seen only once….

-Hikari …you`re going to keep studying ?

-I`m going to keep studying and don’t try to stop me!

-No I won`t stop you but ….

-I won`t quit till I see his eyes water of the agony of defeat ! I`ll fucking do it !!!

In the library:

-Hey Key !Why are you here ?

-Oh. I thought I`d read some books. I`ll leave now .give it your best shot

Ah….. He pisses me off

Later :


-Wha-wha -what ?When did you get here ?You just left a second ago!!

-That was two hours ago .you`ve been asleep this whole time eh ? Even though  I told u to give it you`re best shot…..

-I….I haven’t gotten too much sleep lately….NO….i won`t ….MAKE excuses…..ah….damn!!

-I understand.


He`s a weird guy.

On they’re way back home in the school yard :

-What ? It`s pinch black.

-Well there’s no window in the study room.

-That’s right….


-Something’s shining! Its coming from the staff room

-Maybe the security is patrolling

-No they should be finished by now….

-Than it might be a thief…..So ill go catch him!

-Hey !Wait !Geez….

Ok. I hear someone!

-What are you doing there ?! Uh….you guys are from B class…


-I saw it. These are the questions on the final!

-That’s right…what about it? You guys make fools of us every day…so we`ve do anything to beat you!

-That’s not right. In anything….you win by working hard with you`re own power right ?

-What are you talking about ?No matter how hard you`ll work you will never beat Takishima! You have no right to preach to us !In fact would you like to see the answers yourself?

-What about it ?Even if I can`t win now you never know what the future might bring .You can`t call what you`re doing winning….

-You think u have the right to talk to Hikari ?said Takishima coming from nowhere and punching one of the students. She worked harder than anyone ! She’s incredible.


-Hikari behind you!

-Bitch…..She just punched him too. >.< J

That’s right…..results are important but……what’s most important…is what you do to get there!

-Thanks Takishima !

-Nooooo they are like a devil conbo ……

-Oh yeah ….you can see the answers , but even than well beat you.

The next day :

-Look !Look !Look ! I got a perfect score!

– Congratulations Hikari ! You`re so cute ! Come here ,let me give you a hug!

-Um …..Akira….i…can`t breath !

-Congratulations !Good for you.

-Yeah …and the fact that they weren’t caught in the staff room…?

LOL they gave up really easy J)

-Don’t worry…

-By the way, how did you do?

-Oh me? I got full points plus 5 .I`m ranked first in the school.


-Beats me….too bad.

-Hey….Takishima really….


-He really enjoys being chased after by Hikari ,does he?



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