Friendship is when people know all about you but still like you anyway….

Chapter 2

In this fortress-like ultra-elite school there is…the special class known as S.A.

The classes rage from A to F and are divided  by grades . A class is made of the top seven students.

The most outstanding students from year 1 through 3 are known as special A or SA

-Ooh that was….a moonsault !Doing two sumersaults and than doing one twist holding you’re back steady in one jump .Hanazono-san !

I am Hanazono Hikari age 15 year one class SA

-Amazing as usual Hikari  . Though it’s a little too much for a P.E test .

-Heh heh heh …well I’ve been training for this day for a long time

There is something I have to do in this school.

-Oh next up is key

And that is ….

-Oooh…that technique…the true moonsault . Doing two twists holding you’re back steady in one jump

-Wow incredible!

-Takishima !!!

And that is …to make this guy lose

-That’s why he’s number one !he even spun one more time than Hanazono-san !He’s in a different league!

-Whoa….(no way)

-Hikari you were so close….or rather number two !!!

The reason I want to beat this guy is….

-Don’t call me numbet two !

Particularity because his sarcastic personality turns my stomach .When I was small I was trained by my pro-wrestling loving dad and though I was invincible he showed up and beat me like I was nothing.

I wanted to beat him soo bad .I selfishly asked to attend this ultra-elite school .I came to this school chasing Takishima .

-Ok and for today’s afternoon tea we have scones with clotted cream and apricot jam. And I used my own tea set was saving.

One of the SA`s Todou Akira ranked six and daughter of an airline president

-Weird design…ah…it broke….

-Be care full with that !!!

Teatime is almost as important to her as her own life

Heh…as expected of the demon girl…

Another SA Karino Tadachi ranked 5 son of the school headmaster (suffered from a bit of wanderlust)

-Why are you laughing ?!


=Akira-chan your tea is good=

Another SA`s are Yamamoto Jun ranked 3 son of a music artist producer and genius vocalist and Yamamoto Megumi ranked 4 twin sister of Jun

-Megumi….Jun….so cute….

-But the food….nothing but sweets….

Another SA Tsuji Ryuu ranked 7 son of the CEO of a sports car company

-Sorry but don’t you have anything spicy?

-Don’t look a gift horses in the mouth!

-Sorry Akira were with Ryuu

Those three have been together since birth , for some reason hey adore Ryuu

-Wha…switched sides soo fast !Ahh ….no computers at tea time Kei!!

Another SA Takishima Key son of the CEO of the Takishima group ranked 1

-You  heard her number two!


And me…and I’m the daughter of a carpenter. Ranked 2….

-Who`re you calling number two?!

-Just like that.

-Hey don’t be rude .Hikary can use it !(it’s just a computer)and can you not get to close to Hikari !You’re destroying her cuteness.


The seven of us have been together since elementary school

-That reminds me the tournament is coming up

-Yeah it is ,I don’t really care about it though

-It sounds ok

-That’s it!!The tournament!!

It’s going to be great! And I’m going to beat you Takishima!

-Since were in the same class wouldn’t we be teammates ?

-I hate you so much!!!

-That’s right Takishima is bad

-Hmm….that would make it kind boring…the same team…

Later on:

-I’m home dad

-Hey welcome back Hikar i. How was it?

-I lost again….

-Hahaha there’s always tomorrow

My school is full of rich kids. So its very expensive. This is the school I’ve burdened my parents with

-I’m going to beat him someday!


That’s why….that’s all I can do.I`ll get more points than Takishima

Next day :

-Wow were with the SA`s?!

-Yay…I`m with Takishima and Karino-san !

In the courtyard were they all meet :

-Tadashi did you divide us into teams ?!So  were playing with other classes …

-Yep!!It’s a perk of being the son of the headmaster! Dad wanted to see how you and key face off so its ok !

He changed the entire school event on a whim…scary guy!


-Whoa…I didn’t think you’d be…

Here comes Takishima ….he’s surrounded by a ‘’Try anything and you’re dead ‘’ aura

And so…

-Heh heh its ok .Don’t mention it !

At the girls in F class:

-I’m Hanazono of the SA

-Toudou same

-Nice to meet you F class

All the class starts screaming :


-It’s because you’re an SA

-I…I see…I don’t really get it through….

-Ok! We’re going to win it all!!


At Takishima :

-First well split into boys team a , a select team of five people, and girls team A and B each five people. Than we`ll determine the positions for each team but this is what the teams positions will be .(I’ve already decided)

The crowd : Didn’t he just say we were going to decide ?!

-And this are the odds of the contests for each team.(Yay place your bets)

And so….then they split into teams…

At Megumi and Ryuu :

=I can’t compete but good luck=

-You’re not even injured -.-‘’’

At Jun:

-nice to meet you…(sob)

….And started practicing….but…

-Ok ,now let’s get going!!

Expectations and reality were too far apart .They we`re totally wiped …

-Than let’s try one more time

-WE CAN’T!!!!

Looks hopeless



-Ah ! Ow …

-How long are you going to do this?


-The gates already closed


#flop#He puts a towel on her head…

-you’re a girl so you’ve got to be more careful with your body. So don’t overdo it…well than why not have a betel of brains…?Ah ,I guess that’s pushing it too ,huh?


That’s right I won’t stand losing to you! Now that I think of it …I’ve never seen him trying so desperately.  I might wanna see that…

Next day:

-Ok, everyone! It’s after class teatime…

-Nope its practice time 😛

They see key and the bois practicing:

-That’s key for you. He teaches efficiently and moves efficiently .He’s amazing at everything

-….I can do that !

In Akira`s mind :

-Oh she’s so cute…

-Everyone I’ve made a practice menu for you

That’s right…I won’t lose to he who is so dammed calm all the time. I won`t !

-But it’s really…were going to win cause we’ve got Hanazono-san and Toudou-san

-That’s right .We`re only going to need to top three.

-Hey !Don’t you wanna win?

-Come on….

-Even if you and Todou-san we`re just F class after all right ?

-Yep…there’s no way we can win against Takishima-san

I’ve got to try harder

Later :

-Huh ?It won’t open…its locked…

In the SA study room at Takishima :

-Ah the Key? You mean this?

-It was you !!Give it…he snacks the key away. What are you doing ?

-I told you give it up

-I won’t!

-Are you stupid ?Any more is a waste of energy

-Why ….would you say that…?


Takishima said it was a waste of energy. He isn’t someone who would normally say something like that. Why did he suddenly…is that the way he really feels?!With that calm face…I won’t lose to him!!!

Next day at the festival:

-Wow…awesome…the gallery’s great!

-You always get fired up for galleries…

She sees the boys…

-Are you alright?!

They’ve atrophieted .Takishimas team can dunk so naturally

-Well yeah

-They’re lions

-And were ants

-Did you guys know?!

This is bad …

-We can beat those lions…because…ants are stronger than lions

That`s right! I’ll make…Takishima lose!


-Hey what’s wrong ?


‘’A waste of energy ’’I don’t believe it that he’s the kind of guy who would say that .I don’t want to believe it

-Hikari lets go….what’s wrong?

He is incredible. In order to beat him I’ve done so much . He even said ’’She works harder than anyone’’ he said…he said that

In her mind :

-The difference in scores is widening…the mark is rough and my body feels heavy…is it really a waste?!…Oh great…I’m losing consciousness…I guess…I lost again…and he…with a calm face as always…will win….


With his calm face ?…As always ?…

He slides and caches her in her leap.

-Good…you didn’t hit your head…

-What …idiot…I’m fine. Thanks…

-Go to sleep…

-No…I’m fine.


-Let’s start the match!

-Just go to sleep!!Who cares about the match? You went way overboard and pushes yourself and in the end you got hurt !Don’t scare me like that!

Wow Takishimas gone mad!!

-B …but…you said it was a waste of energy.

-That was just a tit for tat .I got annoyed when I saw you all beat up .I didn’t mean it I’m always in awe of your hard work

-I see…

That’s right if you work hard. Weather you win or lose…you`ll see something good. In the end Takishimas team won in the landside but….there’s always a next time.


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