Friendship is when people know all about you but still like you anyway….

Chapter 3

Amid the beautiful  greenery in the pleasant morning sunlight. With fragrant tears and the aroma of muffins. That is the school that I Hanazono Hikari (15) attend.

-Hey , guys it`s time for class.

This school is the elite of the elites, and as one , has an odd and unique system. The students are divided by grades from classes A-F . The A class consists of the top 7 students. But the best students in the A class from first to third year make up the special A class or SA class for short. The SA class has different uniforms and is given their own school building . It is called the Campus Paradise.

-We can’t Hikari .It’s the all important teatime . Class is just….

Knock, Knock

-Excuse me, um….we are … We are the ones who managed all the presents that are sent to the members of the SA class. We are the SA club!!

-Oh my…

One of the SA Toudou Akira , ranked 6th . Daughter of the airline president.

-For such cute little things to carry such heavy things….Thank you.

-Oooh , this is my dream.

-I’m going to be sick

Another SA Karino Tadashi ranked 5th son of the school headmaster (suffers from s bit of wanderlust)

-Just go help the girls bring the bags in mountain monkey

-Girls are scary… Sorry for that IDIOT…

-….Hey this one if for Jun and Megumi

Another SA Yamamoto Jun ranked 3rd son of a music producer and a genious vocalist.

=Thank you=

Another SA Yamamoto Megumi .Ranked 4th twin sister of Jun.

They act as SAs mascots

-And this is for Ryuu.

Another SA Tsuji Ryuu ranked 7th son of the CEO of a sports car company


-Here you go.

When Jun and Megumi see the box they get it and ……Kaboom

Those three have been together since birth and fo some reason they adore Ryuu.

-You trying to kill meah ?!


-This huge one is for Kei

Another SA Takishima Kei son of the CEO of the Takishima group ranked 1st

-And this one is Hikari`s

-…….Even you’re gift bag is second . As expected of Number Two.

And I am ….

-D…Don’t call me number two!

The place I grew up in is nothing like this . its in an old shopping  district . The reason I entered this school was in order to beat him . When I was little I was trained by my pro-wrestling fan dad and thought I was invincible than he showed up and beat me like I was nothing . By the way we’ve been together since elementary school

Lunch Time :

-Hay , does anyone have plans for the fall break?

-Plans ? Not really….

-I have a proposal. Won’t you all come to my villa? I really just want to spend time with Hikari but the others can come too .

-A group trip ? I won’t go !

-Whatever as long as Hikari comes I don’t care

-Now that I think about it Kei`s birthdays in fall break

-Well it doesn’t meter . I think ill pass

-That’s it! Then we can have a birthday party for Kei at Akiras villa !! Is that alright Akira ?


-If you want it is fine , Hikari

-If you’re going through all the trouble I shall attend (You…..he just said he was going to pass.)

And so, as SA`s first group trip

In the holiday

-What…..the Hell?!?

-Hikari I’ve come to pick you up

-Pick me up….with this many ?!?

-Oh ,everyone else seem to want to come too now while Takishima is greeting your family ….

-Takishima is here to ?!

-Hmmf …..

-….Ta…Tadashi ,what are you doing?!

-Well I thought you’ll be happier if we all came

-I….see….Huh….my bag…Wait !!! Takishima , when did he….

-Well I did come all this way to get you

-There’s no way I’m getting in your car.

-You can just carry Hikari`s things for her

-Than I suppose I’ll be able to see what kind of things you brought. I do wish to see how you live as number two.

-Like hell you will!!

Lately , I’ve been thinking about something….

-Hikari the car is very spacious. You can let go of the bag.

-You want to look inside, right?!


-Well it’s not like ill make a point not to but you didn’t take me seriously….Grr ..


I have to bear it . Lately Takishima has come to my rescue a lot. And the last day of the trip its his birthday .Ill put my all into celebrating it and paying him back !!

-Woah….There a villa surrounded by fall colors!!

-There’s a hot spring pool a tennis court and an aria for riding horses

-Wow horses !!

LOL Tadashi faints because he’s all tied up J)

-Hey Akira …..You going to release him yet ?

-Kei….is that you Kei ? Grandfather said you’d be here. I misses you !!!

Who the ?

-Oh the cute one has shown up.

When she jumps to hug him Kei slides and she hugs the tree

Creak….the tree simply broke….. :O wdf

Wha…. what’s with her…?

-Th…incredible ! How’d you do it ?

The crowd : How can you be impressed ?!

-Oh , who are you?

-I’m Hanazono Hikari

-Hanazono….Oh.Well wathever.

-I see…

Weren’t you the one who asked ‘’Who you are ? ‘’

-By the way I’m Kei`s cousin. One year younger

Kei`s cousin ?!

-Takishima Nagi ,Kei`s fiancée

-Please add the ‘’would-be’’

-Would-be? That word is not in my dictionary

-Wow….Kei you have a fiancée`?


-That’s incredible

He gave a could look to Hikari that froze her and then said : I don’t know what incredible means. Im going ahead

-What’s with him?!

All of them : ……

-Wow ! This place is incredible!

-This isn’t the only incredible place. This is only a membership resort. There are many incredible villas .Kei`s family’s villa is close by .Nagi-san was probably there.


-This is your room


-Ok ill call you for dinner


Clank, she enters the room :

-Wow look at this room!!

Anyway that Takishima….Why was he mad?

Takishimas birthday….I guess I’ll do my best to make him happy because I really want to see his happy face .Yeah for some reason I’m getting happier

-Ok let`s get to work!!

Later :

-Hikari ,dinner time. Whoa!


She saw Hikari making flowers of paper J


-Ah this ?Decorations for Takishima`s birthday

-Oh I see….

At the dinner:

-Wow!!!This is great. A party ?

-I have confidence in my chef. Tonight we ….

Boom Boom Boom there were some loud noises

-Wha…What was that?!

-That noise…The terminator?!


They all remained stunned

-Key!!!I came to get you back. The door was locked so I broke it

-You broke it ?!

-Ok lets go. !!! …..

Lol imagine that Kei dodged and she got Jun and Megumi was crying on the floor J) =))

-Hey…Hey you!! Breaking in and picking people up. What`s with you ?Apologies now !And let him down

She dumps Jun down and then says :

I…want to be with Kei .I want to celebrate his birthday with him

-Ho….Hold on there. You…Nagi.


-Please stop being rude to my friends .I will call an escort so please go back

-You..I hate Kei!!! You`re scary !!!

They all remained in silence…

In Hikari`s mind : Ah I have to do something ! Crap !
We came here to celebrate. I have to do something !!

-Th…there are horses right ?Want to ride them tomorrow ?It`ll be fun.


They’re not getting fired up….What should I do ….

-Ill ride one but it might be too much for number two

-Wha…What was that?!

-Akira , I’m sorry for the damages to your villa I will take responsibility for the repairs

-It`s fine! What are you talking about I’ve got a bad feeling

-Never mind then

-What was it that just happened ?! Takishima apologized  ?!

The atmosphere is normal again thanks to Takishima

In the morning at the horses :

Now to get the feeling back.

-Wow !Horses! Huh? Where`d Tadashi go ?

-Ah Tadashi….This morning all I found was a note : Ive gone on a journey the mountains are calling . Akira is a stupid stupid stupid head p.s. I’ll send something for Takishimas birthday

-I see ….Well he likes to travel by himself. Hmm?Ryuu….He’s surrounded by horses

-L…Look Akira!!


-The horses are gathering to him!

-Oh yeah Ryuu`s the type who is loved by animals…

-That kind of explains why Jun and Megumi are so fold to him….

Suddenly Takishima appears on a horse and leaps over the girls and makes Hikari and Akira stare at him…..

-Excuse me.

Hikary got pissed :

-Just you wait! I’ll get on this one and leave you in dust! I learned about horse riding in class

With a smirk on her face Nagi sais :

-I can hardly wait.


-Heh….Excuse me

Takishima brand sarcastic smile . It must be a Takishima thing.I cant loose to her either!

-She did it ! She did it ! said Kei clapping J)

-Stop making fun of me !! Just watch Takishima I can ride too

-….It`s quite dangerous I think you should stop .

-What do you…

Suddenly Nagi kicks the horse and it goes nuts …..(she`s a hell of a gallous bitch)


-That was Nagi-san…Something must have happened.

-Hey , don’t go Hikari .Shes always doing stuff like ….(it was too late Hikari has gone to help her) Damn.


-Oh …Its you.

-Wha …this isn’t time for that! Your horse is going crazy.

-Kei isn’t coming ?

-Maybe I don’t know anything just grab on !

-I only want Kei!

-Ah !

Nagi smacks Hikari`s hand and she slips


-Augh !! Dammit…I can’t…



-Hikari , grab on.

-Takishima ! I’m fine go get Nagi-san

-IDIOT ! Nagi give you`re pranks a rest ! You can get down yourself.

-Ok …..fine


Nagi jumps off the horse without any problem.

-No way…!Phew…o-ok…she can get down on her own…

Hikai gets unconscious but fortunately Takishima catches her (Nagi really is a bitch)

Later in the villa :

-What`s with her? She put Hikari in so much danger

-Calm down

-I won’t calm down Hikari ! And where`s Kei ?She is his cousin!!

-Dunno….I haven’t seen him

In Hikaris room :

This isn’t good…..the moods terrible…and  tomorrows his birthday…I know everyone want to enjoy it .Including Nagi-san at a time like this….We should all have fun like it’s a festival…(LOL shes daydreaming again)


She hears some noises in the garden and gets out to see what it is:

-Takishima , what`re you doing out so late ?Everyone`s asleep

-Just out for a walk. Hmm?

-Its 12. Takishima ,Happy Birthday!!! Good night.

Takishima who`se always been there for me to chase….I hope he has a good birthday

-Ok let’s get moving!(she was doing decorations for the party)

The next day :

-Wha…What happened here….?You’re all on the edge….Its creepy

-Oh!Tadashi welcome back!

-Oh Hikari at last you’re normal….

-What are you talking about ?Ah!!!Everyone but Takishima help me out.

-What’s going on?

-I can’t tell you in front of Takishima . Fufufu .Everyone but Takishima isn’t that obvious

-…Wont you stop? Nagi will just come and screw everything up .So why don’t we just go home?

No….No way

-Well Akiras villa is pretty busted. And the air here is pretty bad.

-My villas fine but…I can’t stand this atmosphere

Because today is….Takishima`s……

-Wa….Wait a sec…..we`ve already come this far….

-About Nagi , the truth is that I invited her .


-How could you do that ?!

-Just in case since the inside is so dangerous I pointed her to a different location .But I’d like to apologies to everyone.

-….!!Well it that’s the case….Yeah there’s no problem.

-Hey if she apologizes can we include Nagi-san in the party?

-….I guess.


At Nagi:

With a not very sorry face she apologizes to them:


?! She doesn’t regret anything!!

-….NAGI !!

-I-I can’t ….I can’t apologize….because even though its your birthday…I wanted to be with you !Why ?Why did you bring these other people?!And you’re always talking about HIkari ,Hikari .The reason you asked about my wants when you usually don’t , the reason you talked to me last night at dinner , it was all for her, wasn’t it?!

-Yes….So what….

Suddenly Nagi picks a tree and points it to Hikari

-I don’t have anyone but you !The only one I who am so unordinary can be so comfortable with is Kei!! It’s because of you !!

I see Nagi-san….loves Takishima this much That’s why she’s being so selfish. But there’s no reason why the feeling of love should override the feeling of wanting to please

Takishima stops her with Hikari :

-I’m sorry for jumping in on your important day. In sorry.

-..!!….I’m sorry….

Let’s celebrate together

-Than lets go .Hikari are you alright?

-I’m fine thanks.

-Oh no the only thing I need for you is to be OK.

-…Is he being sarcastic ?! I see thanks.


Nagi-san lest go

Let’s have fun.

-hats with these tacky decorations ?

-What’d you say….

At the party:

I wander if….

-Tada ! Presenting the ladies .

If Takishima`s happy…..

-You need something?


-Happy birthday Kei .It`s a Purugari watch .

-Thank you very much

Hikary is going white …. J)

Oh . Crap.

-Here….A new melody and singing and music for you

-I appreciate the thought. How lucky I am

I didn’t get him anything. I was so preoccupied with the decorations….that I forgot…..


What should I do….i didn’t get anything for the guy who is always saving me…

-Uh….um I…the present…..

-Yes I got it.


-The decorations….No although I do appreciate them …..You gave me something much better.

I wander if he’s happy ?

-….Wha…What’s that supposed to mean?

-I’ll tell you but you’ll owe me one

-They’re at it again….huh….

I hope he’ll be happy !!


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